Wednesday, 22 July 2015

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Office cleaning tips for summer

Summer is here and it is no excuse for slacking when considering cleaning the office.

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Summer is a good time to get into office cleaning and get tasks done that could be bypassed later on in the year.

Pinnacle have a few tips that can help you get through your office cleaning this summer:
Carpet cleaning is a must – clean your carpets thoroughly as this will allow you to spend time on those carpet stains that can be a chore to clean when workers are moving about the office. This is also the opportunity to shampoo the carpets at this time of the year because they will most likely dry out faster compared to other seasons.

Another part of your office you may want to focus on is the walls. During the summer months, you will be able to clean them and repaint them once you’re back from your holidays as they too, like the carpet, will dry out faster in summer.

An area that is often overlooked is the blinds – dust will likely have built up throughout the year, however, you may have only noticed this while the sun is out and really shows up the dust particles. Again, bear in mind the windows during the summer season!

Cleaning contract advantages for an organisation

Pinnacle are Contract Cleaners Bimingham and Contract Cleaners in Midlands
The contract period is not the only matter when outsourcing cleaning; the type of contract that has been selected is important too.

Until recent years, cleaning contracts were frequently agreements of means which established a certain number of hours the cleaning would be done by the cleaning company themselves.
This liaison will take a limited account of monitoring the quality of cleaning that is delivered and focuses on the number of agreed working hours.

There will be times when internal staff will carry out frequent inspections for monitoring purposes and evaluate the work to see if the agreed has been completed.

Many cleaning companies will come in and evaluate the performance also, as recent times have seen a trend of outsourcing particular inspections to a neutral party, essentially having a less biased conclusion.

There has also been a repositioning of the boundaries of your standard cleaning contract; contracts will often include efforts to achieve optimisation.
The optimisation that has been defined will most likely be shared by both parties.

When a cleaning company is committed to the client, the client will have a more positive attitude towards the cleaning company and could lead to the extension of the contract, in some cases.

It can also be advantageous as cleaning companies will put continuous thought into the services they are providing and tailor them when necessary.

Prior to making a cleaning contract selection, you will need to ask yourself these questions:

Which contract will be suitable for the organisation? To what extent will the organisation strive for optimisation when it comes to cleaning?

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